Binder GmbH and Oscare are proud to announce the results of a clinical trial aimed at investigating whether Gecko® Nanoplast®, an innovative silicone film fastener suitable for medical devices applications, can outperform Silicone Gel Sheets in treating burn scars.

innovation in medical devicesSince silicone gel sheets (SGS) are widely used in the after-care treatment of burn scars, Binder GmbH intention was to investigate the usefulness of Gecko® Nanoplast® as an alternative treatment method for burn scars. SGS are sometimes combined with pressure garments to increase the effectiveness in treating hypertrophic scars. Therefore a cohesive compressive silicone bandage could be a valuable alternative.

Binder GmbH, a German manufacturer of a comprehensive range of reclosable fastening systems for technical applications, including medical products innovative applications, decided to partner on the research with Oscare, an after-care and research institute for burns and scars based in Antwerp, Belgium.

The final results with 28 patients in the Gecko-group and 27 patients in the SGS-group revealed a significant improvement over time for redness and skin barrier recovery in both groups; and for elasticity in the Gecko-group alone. After comparing the groups, there was a statistically significant difference in favour of the Gecko-group for global opinion, clinically assessed by an observer; for skin barrier recovery, measured by water evaporation; for water content and for elasticity, measured by vertical suction.

In conclusion the Gecko® Nanoplast® cohesive silicone bandage seems to outperform the silicone gel sheet for skin barrier recovery and elasticity, because of the ability of the Gecko® Nanoplast® to combine occlusion and pressure, providing better results and being cost-effective. No adverse effects using the Gecko® Nanoplast® bandage were reported during this study. These results indicate that a cohesive silicone bandage, like Gecko® Nanoplast®, can give added value to the occlusive treatment of scars from burns and other trauma. It is especially indicated for scars on arms, fingers and lower legs.

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