Gecko® Nanoplast®  by Binder is a very thin (0,34mm width) silicon fastener, suitable for technical industrial applications (robotics, pick and place machines and more).


Its cutting edge technology is based on Van der Waals attractive forces. The surface is characterized by a surprising number of microscopic gripping elements: 29.000/cm². This ensures very high fastening values, without leaving any residues both on smooth and oily or wet surfaces. It works as a magnet on smooth surfaces.

Gecko® Nanoplast® is perfect for innovative technical applications, such as

  • Robotics: it increases the grip of  robot hands
  • Pick and place machine: it substitutes the vacuum pump
  • Lab or technical gloves: it prevents the sliding. The grip is extremely firm
  • Fixing electronic devices on smooth surfaces (smartphones, GPS)

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Some technical features of Gecko® Nanoplast®:

  • 29.000 gripping elements/cm²
  • 0,34 mm width
  • Medical silicon
  • High fastening effect
  • Washable and reusable
  • Citotoxicity Test, Primary Skin Irritation Test, Biological Test Medical Devices Hemocompatibility Test and Permeability Test