Automotive is one of the main sectors of application for our products and we offer a complete range of solutions for every automotive need. Binder products are used for the fixing of many components: seats, trims, internal panels, mats. It’s not just about hook and loop fasteners: for every fastening need there is a specific Binder product. Please discover them below.


Binder is a German manufacturer specialising in technical industrial reclosable fasteners, founded more than 200 years ago. All of its production takes place in Germany, with a constant and certified quality.

Fastening for rigid surfaces


Duotec®, the monocomponent closure

  • Perfect for panel fixing2autoAPPDUOTEC
  • Strong holding power
  • Reopenable and reclosable
  • High tech adhesives
  • On clip or profiles for mechanical fastenings.

Many openings and closings

Pittogramma Kletten

Technical hook and loop fasteners

  • Used in mats fixings and other applications4autoAPPKLETTOSTAR
  • Protects from abrasion
  • Anti-Vibrations
  • For high temperatures
  • Elastic
  • With technical adhesives
  • Fire retardant

Outstanding holding power

Pittogramma Pressogrip 23.10.12

Mushroom-velour fasteners

  • Used mainly as a gripping base for seats3autoAPPPRESTEX
  • Very thin fastening combination
  • For large surfaces


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